Mission Statement

We are a tropical fish group based out of North Carolina with interests in both freshwater and saltwater enthusiasts! Our "community" is the Piedmont Triad area of the state, our goal is to help build the hobby within the area, to encourage new members in the hobby, help others with questions regarding the hobby as well to educate new members on successful ways to have a home aquarium. As well a place for long time hobbyist to communicate together, share tips in the trade, buy, sell, and trade equipment and livestock that they may personally breed or grow.

New members to the moderators team!

We are expanding as a organization, and as we expand our team of admins and moderators must expand to help with demand and marketing.

Keisha Hughes,(Kkhughes2376@gmail.com) will be bringing 12 years worth of experience in both freshwater and salt water to our team and will be heading up our influence in the western part of North Carolina.

Allen Gauldin, (gauldin47@gmail.com) will be bringing 9 years worth of experience in both freshwater and saltwater to our team, as well bringing his work as a tank maintance and start up tech to the greater piedmont triad area.